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Cockatrice is a resident of Haruna Town working under the town marshal and Rage Row.


Cockatrice's standard attire is the uniform she wears as part of her work. She sports a green shirt with a white collar and white borders that stops short, revealing her midriff and open up to revealing her cleavage. Her skirt is green and held up by a brown belt. Her hat is green with a black visor surrounded by a yellow border with a badge atop and pink feathers jutting out the side. Her uniform is completed by a pink band worn around her right arm and a pair of white gloves which reach up to her elbows.


Cockatrice first appears with the Town Marshal and Wyvern at Rage Row's house in order to discuss recent events. Once their meeting is finished, she and her colleagues leave.[1]

Some time later, Cockatrice is positioned outside the town, where one night she spots a soldier collapsing upon making his way back from his mission. Carrying him back for treatment, she remains in town while Wyvern is sent to scout the location of an approaching Lucasite.[2]

Once the Lucasite gets near and Wyvern is unable to stop it, Cockatrice attempts to petrify it but finds her efforts fruitless as the massive insect breaks her spell easily. Off guard, she is hit by a blast of the insect's dark magic and knocked out of the sky.[3]

Magic and Abilities

Petrification: Cockatrice is able to employ a spell which can be used to petrify opponents.[3]

Transformation: After transforming, Cockatrice sprouts a long, brown tail and lengthened hair. While in this form, she is able to fly.[3]


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