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Bahamut refuses to go


Bahamut is a young girl with the ability to use fire magic. She is the daughter of famed mage Rage Row and lives alongside him in an extravagant mansion. One day, while out practicing her magic, Bahamut came across a toripu insect and gave chase when it destroyed her lunch. With her magic, she helped Leviathan and Jörmungandr kill it, starting the course of their adventures.

Final Episode

Episode 13 title

Episode 13

With Bahamut refusing to help, Leviathan and Jörmungandr are forced to deal with the attacking lucasite together, with the assistance of Rage Row. Summoning Yurlungur and creating a barrier, the girls and Rage momentarily hold back the attacker but soon find themselves back where they started. Returning with invigoration, Bahamut joins the fight and alongside her friends and Fire Drake, defeats the lucasite, saving the town. Now determined to protect the world, the girls join the Aquafall Defense and go on a journey.


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